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Welcome to Bolicious 

- a kitchen full with love, joy and passion to everything chocolate. We are dedicated to make unique chocolate bonbons by re-creating classic flavours. Wheather this will be a classic dessert like tiramisu in a bonbon version, or a snicker bar in a vegan version, we are always driven by creativity and inovation. We produce our bonbons in small batches (no more than 100 bonbons per batch). The process in enterely handmade from polishing the moulds, painting them, making our fillings from scrach with fresh ingredients, tempering the chocolate and packaging your orders. We fully dedicate our hearts in making it.  

Meet the chef

Hi, my name is Boyana. Briefly, pastry has been my biggest passion since the pre-school years. Seeing the love my grandmother was cooking with and the happiness her pastry brought to everyone, inspired me to dream of becoming a pastry chef. The first step towards this dream was the start-up of my cake business. Unfortunately, 10-years suffering from eating disorder fooled me that I need to follow a career in Dietetics to help myself and others like me. However, I never saw myself wearing a white coat unless it's a chef white. In my final year I conducted a study called “Chocolate between culinary, health and science” which was a combination of my pastry passion, food science knowledge and childhood dream. I had never felt happier! Bolicious was born. My goal is to create innovative, visually stunning, delicious chocolates that will bring you the same happiness and pleasure as my grandmother`s food would.

Read more about me and how I started Bolicious at my blog post.

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