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“Nothing is more romantic than chocolate.”

Bespoken edible wedding favours

Wedding favours are a way to say thank you and show appreciation to your guests. The wedding favours are simple small gifts given to each of the guests by the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony but these little gifts are actually much more than you think. They are a way to express your personality and tastes to your family and friends, but also they are a symbol of good luck.



  1. Why edible wedding favours are, and will always be, popular?


Centuries ago, brides and grooms used to give their guests a bonbonnieres with sugar cubes that symbolize wealth, happiness, fertility and long life- all vital elements of a successful marriage. The sugar cubes were seen to be expensive and, therefore, were only available among rich people. Over time the sugar cubes became affordable to everyone and were later substituted for sugar coated almonds (which are still quite popular).

Edible wedding favours will always remain popular because they are delicious treats and will definitely be appreciated and not left behind – I mean, who does not love food?

chocolate wedding favours

My personal thoughts and touch

Every wedding is an experience and each element of the wedding should mean to tell a beautiful love story. Food is more than just calories and nutrients. People bond through food, share love through food and show care through food. Therefore, an edible wedding favour will work best if it is meaningful. Think about a food you both love or a flavor you both adore, or the place where the engagement happened, or flavor that is deep to your culture or wedding destination. This should be the foundation for choosing the perfect wedding favour for your special day. I will give you an example. I love chocolate (as it can be seen) as so my partner. He is a vegan, which is a big influence what we eat at home and what products I am making (most of our chocolates are vegan). Our engagement happened in Italy on Amalfi coast. In fact, I am obsessed with Italy and everything Italian. We both love traveling to Italy, our most favourite food is Italian, I love Italian flavours and I even created a selection box  “Flavour of Italy”. So, if one day we decide to have a wedding, I know for sure that our favours will be (1) CHOCOLATE, (2) Italian flavours, (3) VEGAN, (4) in our favourite colours. This is how we will tell our story thorugh a box of chocolate bonbons.



I deeply understand the importance of these little gifts for your wedding and I would love to know your story, so I can help as much as possible with ideas for choosing the best option as a wedding favour. Please, contact me on
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