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Cookies and Cream Chocolate Egg

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Egg

Luxury Vegan Easter Chocolate egg filled with dairy free milk chocolate, oreo crust, white vegan chocolate, milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate with oreo cookies.

The egg is 16cm heigh

Minimum weight: 360g *

* The reason why there might be SMALL variations in the weight is because I cannot control how much chocolate is left on the mould when I am shelling it. The fillings are measured and are 100% the same for each egg. The change is minor only on the tickness of the outer chocolate shell.



This chocolate egg contains SOYA and GLUTEN!!

may contain traces of NUTS, PEANUTS!!



Although this is a sturdy easter egg and they will be well packed (with shredded paper around them, bubble on the box, lots of cushion in the postal box), they are more prone to damage during transit. Eggs that arrive broken will not be refunded and you choose to get it delivered at your own risk.

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