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Cremaura Chocolate Selection

Cremaura Chocolate Selection

Experience the epitome of vegan luxury with our extraordinary combination-  Bolicious chocolates and Cremaura cream liquors. Embrace the harmony of sustainability and spirits in this exclusive collaboration that redefines the boundaries of vegan indulgence. 

Make this Valentine`s Day unforgettable with our collaboration bundle with Cremaura cream liquors. Cremaura is a vegan brand dedicated to making the most delicious cream liquors from sustainable resources. We used all their flavors to design a chocolate selection that takes you to a new level of experience. By buying this bundle you are supporting two small vegan businesses. 


The selection includes 4 different flavours, each of them featuring the each of Cremaura flavours. 



- chai spiced milk chocolate coffee ganache with Cremaura coffee liquor, white vegan chocolate ganache infused with both Cremaura coffee and chocolate liquors.



- milk chocolate ganache infused with Cremaura chocolate liquor and paired with creamy hazelnut gianduja



- white orange ganache infused with Cremaura orange liquior 



- Cremaura rose chewy candy, dark chocolate ganache infused with rose oil and cremaura rose liquor, raspberry ginaduja base.





This chocolate box contains SOYA, NUTS and SULPHITES. 

Contain alcohol. 

ONLY for 18+


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